Outputs and Impact


In May the research team presented a paper at the Mobilization Conference: Social Movements and Protest: Nonviolent Strategies and the State at San Diego State University. In our paper we discusses images of the ordinary and the mundane as part of protest communication via social media.

Reference:  McGarry, Aidan, Jenzen, Olu and Eslen-Ziya, Hande (2017) Beyond the Icons: The Performance of Protest on Social Media During Gezi Park. Paper presented at the Mobilization Conference on Social Movements and Protest: Nonviolent Strategies and the State, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA, May 5-6 2017.

In July we are also looking forward to the 2017 IAMCR conference Transforming Culture, Politics & Communication: New media, new territories, new discourses in Colombia where we have a panel of papers on topics such as: The Aesthetics of Protest: Performance and Social Movements on Social Media; An Analysis of Visual Culture and Communication During the Gezi Park Protests; Exploring the Methodological and Ethical Issues of Conducting Social Media Research in Turkey and Aesthetic Communication Across Social Media During an Uprising. You can follow the conference via Twitter @IAMCR2017.

Public Engagement

On June 9th 2017 PI Aidan McGarry, members of the research team and invited speakers participated in The V&A Design Culture panel The Performance of Protest: a panel on visual culture and aesthetics at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. The panel was introduced by Professor Catherine Moriarty and chaired by Professor Guy Julier. Here is Professor Julier’s reflection on the event.

V&A panel

l. to r.: Guy Julier, Pelin Başaran, Aidan McGarry, Işil Eğrikaruk, Umut Korkut. Photo: Olu Jenzen


McGarry, A., Jenzen, O., Eslen-Ziya, H., Erhart, I., and Korkut, U. (2019) Beyond the iconic protest images: the performance of ‘everyday life’ on social media during Gezi Park, Social Movement Studies 18(3): 284-304.

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