The Aesthetics of Global Protest book coverThe project team is currently writing up the research findings. We have written a book (Open Access, see link below) and numerous journal articles.

Korkut, U., McGarry, A., Erhart, I., Eslen-Ziya, H., & Jenzen, O. (2021). Looking for truth in absurdity: Humour as community-building and dissidence against authoritarianism. International Political Science Review. Open Access:

Jenzen, O., Erhart, I., Eslen-Ziya, H., Korkut, U., & McGarry, A. (2020). The symbol of social media in contemporary protest: Twitter and the Gezi Park movement. Convergence. Open Access:

McGarry, A., Erhart, I., Eslen-Ziya, H., Jenzen, O., and Korkut, U. (eds) (2019) The Aesthetics of Global Protest: Visual Culture and Communication. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. The e-book is open access and free to read…click on the link.

McGarry, A. Jenzen, O. Eslen-Ziya, H. Erhart, I. and Korkut, U. (2019) Beyond the Iconic Protest Images: the Performance of ‘Everyday Life’ on Social Media during Gezi Park, Social Movement Studies 18(3): 284-304.

Eslen-Ziya, H., McGarry, A., Jenzen, O. Erhart, I., and Korkut, U. (2019) From Anger to Solidarity: The Emotional Echo Chamber of Gezi Park Protests, Emotion, Space and Society, 33.

Publications will be listed and linked here as they emerge.

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