Protesto Estetiği Anketi – the Gezi Park protest and aesthetics survey is now live!

If you were involved in or followed the Gezi Park Protests, you can help us create scholarly knowledge on aesthetics of protests, by participating in the survey. We’re keen to find out about the types of artistic and / or strategic expressions that were used and shared among participants and followers of the protest as it unfolded – this may include particular imagery you found powerful, the types of slogans you found effective, the humour that made you take notice, or the type of street performances that made a statement. What did you mainly get in your Twitter feeds or on your Instagram? What was most popular among protesters? What do you remember particularly well today? What stands out?

To take the survey click here.

About Olu Jenzen

Dr Olu Jenzen is Principal Lecturer in Media Studies at the University of Brighton. Her research ranges over different contemporary themes in media studies, and critical theory with a particular interest in the politics of aesthetic form. Her research also concerns popular culture as it intersects with debates of gender and sexualities; activism; marginalized communities; heritage; and digital and social media.
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